Ways to Boost Mobility



Mobility matters, but we don’t have to tell you that. You’ve heard your friends and doctors say it time and time again, but how important is it to stay moving when doing so is harder than ever? According to a report published in JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association, in older adults reduced mobility is an independent risk factor for illness, hospitalization, disability and mortality.


So, can we all agree that mobility is incredibly important? What’s more important is that you start today; not tomorrow or a week from today. Right now! Go grab that small dumbbell you have collecting dust in your spare bedroom. Pick it up, do a few arm rolls while you continue reading these quick tips to help boost mobility. The sooner you or a loved one starts, the better.


Keep the blood flowing and the body moving:


  • Start by being more active at least ten minutes a day, whether it’s on a bicycle at the gym, a walk around the park or playing Wii from your seat. Just get the body moving.


  • Eating healthier food and sleeping enough at night can make you feel better, which in turn can make you want to get up and move around more.


  • Social connections are important. Do you have a friend who likes to play active games, walk around the building or get out and about? Tell him or her you want to join in the fun!


  • Bring your hand weights with you everywhere. Do you have a favorite television show? Grab your weights and do exercises while the commercials are playing.


  • Talking to the grandkids can be exercise! Walk around the house while you talk on the telephone.


  • Go to a playground with your grandchildren, or go alone! See what Motion Wellness Systems is doing to help increase mobility.


  • Don’t give up! Remember that anything more than what you are doing today is better than doing nothing.

Regular physical activity can help reduce fatigue and even help you manage stress. Once you become active, you’re likely to feel more energized by your increase in activity. Take it slow, but don’t give up.

Be sure to always talk to your physician before changing your physical routine. Ask your doctor for tips specific to your individual needs.

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