Ways to Brighten a Senior Citizen’s Day

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There are many ways to brighten the day of almost anyone! Yes, this post is targeted to people at later stages in their lives, but there’s nothing stopping you from using these ideas with anyone. It’s all about getting to know the person you are wanting to make feel good and taking the time to show that you care. Remember: If at first you don’t succeed, try again.

Whose day are you trying to brighten? Is it a family member, friend or a stranger that you want to impact? It’s wonderful that you have decided to make an effort, but there are a few things you might want to keep in mind.

Step 1: The first thing we recommend you do is to take a step back and decide whether or not the individual is open to having their day brightened, or if they just need time to deal with a personal issue. Timing is everything. Some people want a day or two to feel like themselves again. Don’t push your plans, talking points or ideas on anyone until they seem ready and open to receive. Consider taking baby steps towards a brighter day. Sometimes even a simple hello and a smile can make someone feel better. That might be all you need to get going.

Step 2: Sit back and think about or study the person you want to help have a great day. What are their true interests? Do they like flowers, pets, pizza, sports, candles or reading? Get to the root of what makes them happy and run with it. If you don’t know this person, it never hurts to ask around. You can also look around their living quarters. Be as observant as possible.

Step 3: After you’ve identified at least three of their interests, start asking them questions about these particular topics. “What’s your favorite book of all time?” “Are you a Cubs fan?’ “How often did you paint when you were growing up?” Ask the right questions and take note of their reactions and answers. Show interest and listen while they talk. You are probably already starting to make them happier.

Step 4: After you’ve taken some time to get to know them, do something to take it even further. This doesn’t all have to happen in one day. Once you get to a place where you can write down ideas, jot a few notes down and begin to brainstorm. Is he or she a reader? What kind of novels do you think she likes? You might want to bring one in and read a chapter or two with them. Did he or she mention cooking as a passion? Maybe you can get him a sample of your most recent recipe choice. Do something out of the ordinary to show this person you were listening and that you went out of your way to show you care.

Step 5: Give the individual the gift, emblem, flower, invitation, personal painting or other thing that you’ve decided upon with a hand written note of gratitude and praise. Hand it to them personally or leave it at their door as a surprise! Simply showing them that you care enough to return and that you listened will make them feel great.

Step 6: Don’t stop at this. Continue to learn from this person you’ve decided to get to know. Take steps to understand them even more with calls or visits. They will probably never forget what you did for them. And you’ll feel great about it, too. Thank you for making the decision to brighten someone’s day!

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