Staying Connected As You Get Older

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Studies have shown that one of the best ways to maintain good health is to stay social. Having people around you laughing, engaging, and simply caring can give your life more meaning and added joy. As we age, it’s important to stay connected as much as possible. Not only will it help us mentally, but physically as well.

If you find yourself being less connected these days, take a moment to go through the list below and pick two of the five items you are not currently doing and start doing them today – not tomorrow. Staying social is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Let us know how it goes!

  1. Are you on Facebook yet? Being social doesn’t mean you have to leave the house all of the time. If you are not on Facebook yet, start an account today. If you have questions about Facebook, click here. Facebook is a great way to see what family members and friends are doing. Our Suggestion: Comment on at least five Facebook posts per week. Post one picture to your Facebook page about what you’ve been up to on a weekly basis. Not up to much? Share a picture of your family!
  1. Volunteer outside the home. Volunteering is a wonderful way to stay connected. There are many places that would love to have a regular and dependable volunteer. If you are unsure of where to volunteer, try Volunteer Match. They will match your interests with your location and send you volunteer recommendations. Sounds pretty easy, right? It is! Our Suggestion: Dedicate one hour per week for one month to a local non-profit organization. Meet at least one person and invite them to have coffee with you later in the month.
  1. 3. Exercise with a friend. Do you know anyone who likes to go for walks outside or at the mall? Tag along! Don’t know anyone? Start a mall-walking group. Exercising with someone else can be a lot of fun and excellent for your overall health. Our Suggestion: Go walking with someone you don’t know very well. Get to know this person better while walking outside or around a shopping mall. Hopefully, this will be the beginning of a nice new friendship!
  1. Join in the fun! Does your community have activities you can get involved in? Do you live in a retirement community or a senior living apartment? When is the last time you joined in on Bingo Night? Give it a try! Our Suggestion: The next community activity you see, whether it’s of huge interest to you or not, sign up. Take note of who came and what you liked and disliked about it. Be sure to chat to at least three people.
  1. Stay and chat. You have to eat, right? Are you guilty of eating and running? Our Suggestion: After lunch, sit back and relax. Chat with other people at the table. If you are dining with your family or friends, ask them to sit at the table awhile and tell you about their week. You can find socialization in almost anything you do – you just have to make an effort to start the conversations.

There are many ways to stay active. You can join a club, babysit your grandchildren, play games, cook dessert for a friend, and more. It’s incredibly important to get up and move around as often as you can. Communication and social interaction can help you stay happier and healthier. It’s not always an easy thing to do – staying social and active – but try as much as you can. It will help and you’ll see the benefits, we promise. Have fun!

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