How to Utilize Color Therapy In Your Senior Living Apartment

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Have you ever walked into a room and immediately had a feeling of peace come over you? Is there a room in your home that makes you feel more comfortable than the others? Why is that? Perhaps it has something to do with the color scheme.


Colors, and the effects of color on your mood, have long been studied. It is said that the color blue can make you feel calm and relaxed. The color red is associated with strength and willpower. Some color therapists, according to a recent article written by Sarah Stevenson, use the color red to treat fatigue, anemia, low blood pressure and poor appetite.


Not excited about painting your walls red to help you get motivated? You don’t need to go to that extreme. Consider adding a splash of color to your apartment in various rooms. It’s not always necessary to make the entire space one bold color.


General suggestions for color use in your home:


Red – Encourages appetite and promotes liveliness

Orange – Increases energy and a welcoming presence

Yellow – Makes one feel warm and excited

Green – Refreshing and comfortable

Blue – Relaxation and calmness

Lavender – Calms the nerves and allows creativity


You might find when researching color therapy that some websites say that lavender can make you feel calm and relaxed, while another website says it makes you feel more creative. So, what color should you go with?


Here’s what we suggest: Think back to a time when you felt incredibly happy. Is it the trip you took to Yosemite National Park with your family?  Pull a color from the beautiful turquoise hot springs, and place that color in your home. Not only will it have the natural calming feeling that blue offers, but it will also remind you of a happy time in your life.


For those that are interested in color as a form of healing, there are several therapists trained in color therapy, which applies light and color in the form of tools. This is called Chromotherapy. Talk to your physician for more information.


Let us know which colors you choose! Have fun!




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