Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Grandparents

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It’s that time of the year again. The holidays are upon us! Don’t you just love the bright decorations, uplifting music and sweet smells of the holiday season? Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas or any other observances, the holidays are a wonderful time to show someone that you care.

So you don’t want to forget about your grandparents this year, but you’re not quite sure what to get them? We are here to help! Here’s a little secret though: It doesn’t matter what you buy them. Any effort you make to show that you thought of your grandparents will be appreciated. Trust us! In fact, some grandparents simply want to see you and would benefit from a visit or two just to say hello.

Keep in mind that communities like Dial Retirement Properties have social events to celebrate the holidays. If allowed, it might make their day to bring you along to show you off during the event! Again, any effort made should be appreciated.

Aside from simply being there to celebrate with your grandparent or grandparents, there are many gift ideas to consider giving them this year. Here are just a few:

  1. A picture of the two of you in a homemade frame.
  1. Think about what your grandparent loves to do and purchase something to encourage that hobby. Is it a book or a new paintbrush set?
  1. Does your grandfather or grandmother have a favorite alcoholic beverage? A bottle of wine might be a wonderful gift idea.
  1. Where does he or she shop? Tis the season for gift cards. Get them a gift card to their favorite store.
  1. Ask someone at their retirement community for ideas. Perhaps there is an upcoming outing that they want to attend with the community. Help make that happen for them. Taking this extra step to ask around is a great way to show you are thinking of them. Is there a salon at their community? Maybe you can purchase a gift card there!
  1. Do you like to draw, crochet or paint? It’s always a nice touch to give a personal gift you made yourself.
  1. Give the gift of time with each other. Get them a card and put a piece of paper or “coupon” in the card that says something like this: “Redeem this coupon for one fun-filled day of movies and popcorn with your loving granddaughter!”
  1. Get them a mug with your school picture or your son’s school picture on it. You can do this with many things like calendars, mouse pads and more.
  1. Jewelry is always a nice idea. What grandmother doesn’t like a beautiful new bracelet from their grandchild?
  1. Ask them what they really want. Don’t be afraid to come straight out and ask Grandma or Grandpa what they might want this year. Perhaps they have a few things in mind. It’s always worth a try!

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