Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Grandchildren

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We recently wrote a post about what grandchildren might consider getting their grandparents, but what should you get them? If you are having issues deciding what to get your grandchildren this year, keep reading. There are many gift ideas and ways to help your grandchild feel special this year. It doesn’t always mean that it should cost a ton or is bright and sparkly. Keep this in mind and gift something that you know that really will appreciate.

If you are looking for specific holiday gift ideas, below are 10 quick tips to help make gift giving easier this year. Some gift ideas depend on the age of your grandchild. The ideas below are gender neutral and not age specific. Most grandkids will appreciate anything on this list. Happy Holidays from all of us at Dial Retirement Communities! We hope you have a wonderful time.

10 Gift Ideas for Grandchildren Old and Young, Male and Female

  1. Do you have anything homemade that you can give them as a potential memory of you for years to come? If your grandchild is young they may not appreciate this gift as much as someone that is older, but give them a few years and they will. This type of gift idea is appreciated for decades.
  1. Money is always a big hit at any age. This is one of those gifts that seems to always be a hit at any age. The hard part is deciding how much money to give them. Basing it on their age is a popular idea.
  1. Gift cards are becoming more and more popular. Do they have a favorite retail store or restaurant? Perhaps they are remodeling their home and could use a home improvement gift card.
  1. Do you have a family heirloom you are willing to pass along? These types of gifts are always meaningful to your grandchildren.
  1. Get them a local membership to a place they enjoy around their city. Would they want a gym, children’s museum, or ZOO membership? Make sure they have not already purchased one for the year, but many places will let you pick up where their membership will expire.
  1. Give them a gift they can share with you – like two tickets to a play or a movie theatre. Make sure to specify that you want to attend with them.
  1. Bake them something you know they’ll love to eat.
  1. Share your recipe book with them! Whether or not your grandchild enjoys baking, they will likely have a spouse or a child that does. Having your precious recipes will mean a lot to them for years to come.
  1. Pay a bill for them, like a small student loan. If you pay it directly then they can’t object. Some people refuse to take money from anyone, even a family member. Find out a way to do it without giving them a choice. They should appreciate it either way.
  1. Ask them specifically what they want or need this year. This is sometimes the best bet. Most people have a few ideas up their sleeve or something they really want for the holidays. It’s not a bad idea to ask your grandchild directly. It’s better to do this than get them something they already have.

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