Happy Holidays, Healthy You!

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The holidays are quickly approaching. While this is a wonderful time of the year full of good food and family gatherings, it can also be very taxing and disruptive to a person’s daily routine and diet. It is especially important for seniors and their loved ones to keep this in mind when planning and going about holiday activities. Here are a few ways to stay healthy and on- track during the holiday season.

1. Don’t over-do it

Sit down, take a rest, and don’t feel obligated to push yourself past your body’s comfort level. Enjoy your holiday shopping and dinners with the grandkids, but don’t hesitate to communicate with those around you if you are in need of a little break.

2. Stay active!

Even though the weather turning cold and snowy may not be the most conducive to taking a walk or getting out and about, it’s important to keep up with a regular exercise routine. There are many indoor work-outs that can keep you moving. This is one of the most vital ways a senior can contribute to his or her overall health and well-being.

3. Indulge in moderation

If your health permits, by all means have that pumpkin pie or glass of wine. Just remember not to overdo it, or you’ll be paying for it in the morning.

4. Try healthier recipes

Nowadays, there is a treasure trove of recipes online for every dietary need imaginable, many of which are new spins on old favorites. Find a low-sodium, diabetes-friendly, or gluten-free version of familiar foods, or try out something brand new.



5. Worry about your presence, not presents

While gift-giving is synonymous with the holidays, it doesn’t need to be the main focus or a point of concern. Many people, seniors included, are on a fixed budget, and holiday spending can contribute an enormous amount of stress during this time of the year. Let the focus be on spending quality time with your loved ones, instead of spending lots of money on material goods.

Stay tuned! We’ll introduce our healthy alternatives to classic Thanksgiving dishes next week!

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