Energizing Activities for Seniors

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Energy can be found in many different, surprising and not-so-surprising places. You can find yourself energized by someone’s smile or their infectious laughter. People also find energy simply by waking up in the morning thankful for another day! For some, the task can seem a bit harder.

Are there certain things or people in your life that help fuel your day? Do you ever find yourself so exhausted you simply can’t think about leaving your residence? That’s ok! We’ve all experienced days and nights like this – whether it is because of health reasons or after a trying day – and there are things you can do to help snap yourself back into an energetic mood. We’re not asking everyone to jump up and down and do 25 jumping jacks. But it would be wonderful if you’re physically able!

Energy is a beautiful thing to have.

Embrace the many opportunities to find renewed energy, whether it is physical or emotional. Some of the suggestions below can be done with minimal effort with maximum return. Pick one or two that will work for you. Let us know how it goes!

Try one of more of these to boost energy fast:

Get social. As mentioned above, many people are energized simply by being around other human beings. Having a conversation or a cup of coffee with someone that you find interesting could help you feel like a new person. People can be incredibly contagious, so be sure to pick your friends wisely.

Try group physical fitness. Combine socialization with a raised heart rate and you might find the energy you’ve been waiting for. Try something that’s not too rigorous at first and always make sure your doctor approves. Have fun and try new activities. Trying something new can also give you energy.

Get involved at your retirement community. Are there things happening at your retirement community that you could get involved in? It’s easy to get stuck in a rut and simply not want to leave the apartment, but it’s important to stay connected as much as you can. If there are social events that you’ve been wanting to try, now is the time to do it.   

Take up a new hobby. Hobbies are a great thing to have and can be incredibly energizing. In fact, we recently wrote a post about just this! If you are interested in trying a new hobby and want to see a list of ideas, please see our earlier post about Hobbies.   

Go for a daily walk. Fall is right around the corner, which means lower temperatures and beautiful changing scenery. Consider getting out around the retirement community to take a leisurely, daily walk. Don’t forget to take a few moments to enjoy the changing leaves and crisp fall air (if it’s here already).

Pet a therapy dog. There’s just something about pets that makes us feel better. Is it the wag of their tails or the lick of their tongues? Probably both! If you have the opportunity to spend some time with a furry friend, take full advantage of it. Pets are amazing creatures that can bring many benefits!

Get organized. Being organized and not having 85 things hanging over your head can help you feel more energized and relaxed. Do you have unnecessary things around the apartment collecting dust? It might be time to make a donation or two. Staying organized can simply make you feel more peaceful and can free up time to do other, more enjoyable activities.

Getting enough rest and not pushing yourself too hard is also a very important thing to remember when you find yourself without energy. If you are abnormally lethargic, you might need to schedule an appointment with your physician. Don’t do anything your body cannot handle. We hope you find the energy you are looking for! Have a wonderful day!

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