Dial Retirement Communities Ice Bucket Challenge

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The Ice Bucket Challenge to help raise money and awareness for ALS has come and gone but as I reflect on the impact it had on ALS in the Heartland and Dial Retirement Communities I can’t help but be proud of what we were able to do in a 24 hour period that impacted so many families in the Heartland.

Working in Senior Living is unlike most industries in that we have the ability to make a huge impact on lives every single day in a way that most people don’t and may not ever understand. Day in and day out we help give families the peace of mind that their loved one will be in an environment where they are well cared for and safe. We not only make sure that each resident has their needs met each day but we strive to make them feel a part of a community and that they are able to absolutely enjoy their retirement no matter how much or how little assistance they may need. We try to provide purpose while making them feel loved, respected, and happy.

We spend each day making these impacts on the lives of our own residents but it is not often that we get a chance to make these kinds of impacts on people in the areas that we serve. Partnering with ALS in the Heartland gave us just that kind of opportunity. The Ice Bucket Challenge presented each of our ten communities with a chance to build comradery, team work, and just have fun. But whether they realized it or not it also provided them with an opportunity to make a huge impact on families in their areas that are living with ALS every day. Because of the $4,540 ALS in the Heartland was able to provide 200 cases of nutritional supplement, thoudands of miles of delivery of essential ALS equipment to patients all across the heartland, 24 hours of support group via in-person or via the agency’s telehealth program, six patient recourse bags, six months worth of respite vouchers, which will allow licensed and certified caregivers to assist with individuals with ALS care and needs, and we were able to provide a wife, mother, daughter, and sister the ability to tell her family that she loved them by supplying her with a device that allows her to speak again via the use of her eyes.  


Dial Ice Bucket Challenge

Saying that I am proud of our company for what they did is the understatement of the year.   To provide the purpose, companionship, and care that we do to our residents each day is something to be proud of and I can say with certainty that Dial Retirement Communities is the absolute best at this. The way our communities came together to impact the lives of people, they will probably never meet, left me speechless (which is very hard to do) and will be something that I will never forget.

Great job Team Dial!


-Reed Davis, Director of Marketing and Sales




If you would like to donate to ALS in the Heartland visit http://www.alsintheheartland.org/support-us/

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