Home Safety Checklist for Seniors

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Home Safety Checklist for Seniors The safety and well-being of our loved ones is of the utmost importance. As we age, simple tasks can get more difficult and even dangerous. To help avoid falls or other safety problems, take a walk around the home and decide what needs to be done to reduce the risk of something unfortunate happening. That’s … Read More

How to Utilize Color Therapy In Your Senior Living Apartment

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Have you ever walked into a room and immediately had a feeling of peace come over you? Is there a room in your home that makes you feel more comfortable than the others? Why is that? Perhaps it has something to do with the color scheme.   Colors, and the effects of color on your mood, have long been studied. … Read More

Mind & Body: Yoga For All

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Mind & Body:  Yoga for All You don’t have to be young, skinny, or particularly flexible to begin doing yoga. The wonderful thing about this mind-and-body exercise practice is how truly adaptable it is. Poses can be altered to meet the needs and restrictions of many body types and levels of fitness. For example, low- impact water yoga is a … Read More

Spreading Holiday Cheer: Celebrating with Seniors

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The transition from life in one’s own home to moving into an assisted living environment can be especially hard around the holidays. Memories from seasons past may bring about a woeful nostalgia for seniors and their loved ones that challenge the joy of the season. But, just because some things have changed, doesn’t mean happy new memories can’t be made. … Read More

A Crash Course on Independent Living

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What types of services are offered when you live in an independent living community? The answer can be a bit ambiguous. The truth is, the services and amenities offered greatly vary according to your area and rent or ownership costs. Independent living can range from private apartments to large two and three bedroom homes within a community that can be … Read More

What To Look For When You’re Looking: 9 Steps to Finding a Senior Living Community

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Certain situations may indicate it’s time to consider alternative living arrangements for you or your loved one. Generally, families begin to consider alternatives when carrying on important activities of daily living without significant support or assistance from others becomes difficult. Some challenges that aging adults may face include loss of vision, poor balance, fatigue, memory loss or forgetfulness, dementia, loneliness, … Read More

Assisted Living vs. Nursing Homes

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Assisted Living Communities came about during the 1990’s, offering something different than the institutional setting found in Nursing Homes at the time. Seniors who wished to recieve assistance with daily living in a more home-like atmosphere have been opting for Assisted Living ever since. Assisted Living The living quarters of Assisted Living Communities often consist of private apartments or rooms that are … Read More

Finding the Most Suitable Living Option for You or Your Loved One

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Finding the right place for yourself or a loved one to live can be challenging and stressful.  Don’t fret!  There are now many senior living options available to suit each individual’s needs. That means whether your needs are non-medical companionship and assistance or you require medical rehabilitation or end-of-life care, there is a perfect fit out there. The earlier you assess those … Read More