A Crash Course on Independent Living

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What types of services are offered when you live in an independent living community? The answer can be a bit ambiguous. The truth is, the services and amenities offered greatly vary according to your area and rent or ownership costs.

Independent living can range from private apartments to large two and three bedroom homes within a community that can be rented or purchased. The search for independent living really is subjective and depends on your personality, finances, and preferences. This may be something to discuss with a social worker or gerontologist if you’re having difficulty evaluating living options.

What is Independent Living?

Before we dive into the various services that independent living offers, it’s important to understand differences between senior living. Independent living for seniors is also referred to as retirement communities, senior apartments and senior housing. Good candidates for independent living are mainly ambulatory, active people who are age 55 and older who do not require significant medical care. Independent living will offer some minor assistance with activities of daily living.

The independent living lifestyle is a good alternative to remaining at home, while still maintaining an independent, active quality of life. Once serious medical care becomes necessary for someone, assisted living may be the best option.

What Types of Services and Amenities Are Offered?

Residents of independent living communities enjoy a wide variety of social, cultural and finess services. Included with your monthly fee, most communities offer the basics, such as:

  • Three daily meals
  • Home maintenance
  • Transportation to local shops and doctor appointments
  • Various social activities

The extent to which these services are provided, however, depends upon the community. Some independent living communities may offer regular housekeeping while others will charge an additional fee as needed. Also, personal care services are usually not included, but may be offered at an additional cost.

When the time for additional assistance approaches, residents may bring in outside care, allowing them to remain in their independent community.

Find Independent Living Communities

Independent living is an attractive option for those who wish to remain autonomous and active as they age. The social interaction that residents get with living within the same group of people is uplifting and stimulating. Others may find that the cost and energy to maintain a big house is overwhelming and may choose to downsize by relocating to an independent living community.

Whatever the reason for choosing independent living, these communities offer abundant services to maintain active lifestyles. It’s important to choose the services and amenities that you value most to find the best place for you. Don’t be afraid to do your research and ask questions. After all this will be your new home!

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