A Comparison of Assisted Living Costs to Living at Home

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Many families struggle to make the decision to move their aging parent from their own home. Regardless of what the circumstances, if given the choice, most seniors would choose to remain in their own home for as long as possible. For some families, a threshold is broken or an event occurs in which they know that remaining at home is no longer the best option. For others, they are committed to keeping their loved ones living at home and may go to great lengths to achieve this. Making a choice about whether Assisted Living or living at home is subjective and varies greatly on each families’ needs.

Weighing Your Options

To choose the most suitable living arrangement, we suggest weighing all options. Assisted Living is a great option for those seniors who need assistance with some daily tasks, but are not looking for daily medical assistance. Living arrangements may vary from private apartment style living to individual or shared rooms within a community. In addition to participating in some group routine, transportation, housekeeping, laundry and some healthcare is usually provided.

Home care is an option for seniors who need some assistance with daily tasks but prefer to maintain residence in the comfort of their own home. The cost of In-Home Care varies greatly depending on the level of care and assistance that’s needed. Generally, home care is paid for by the hour. Types of services may include housekeeping, personal assistance and medical assistance. Adult day care is an additional option for those who need assistance and/or supervision during regular work hours.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both Assisted Living and In-Home Care. We’ve listed the most common advantages and disadvantages in our chart below.


Comparing Costs

When weighing Assisted Living costs and In-Home Care costs, many are surprised at how these options compare.  Home care is typically more expensive than Assisted Living. After the initial sticker shock that many families experience when touring their first Assisted Living community, they find that the all-inclusive cost of assisted living is actually a great value. This is not to say that In-Home Care is always the pricier option since expenses are based on an hourly-basis. In-Home Care costs may vary widely based on the type and frequency of service.

According to A Place for Mom, the national averages of Assisted Living expenses compared to Home Care expenses demonstrate the value of the two options. To view a chart of these sample figures, click the button below.  These may give you a general idea of average living expenses, but we reccommend that you compare the costs of the specific living options that you may be considering when coming to a decision.


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