12 Things You Don’t Know About Your Director

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Our Executive Directors at Dial Retirement Communities work hard to ensure that our residents Love the Way they Live and in their dedication to their communities it’s hard to imagine their personal life. We’d like to give you an inside look at our Directors, with 12 things you may not know about each Director.

First up is Galen Moes, Executive Director of Elk Ridge Village in Elkhorn, Nebraska.

  1. Galen is a proud parent of two teenage children (a son and daughter) and husband to a beautiful wife.
  2. He loves sports. A sports enthusiast! He likes to attend or watch any televised sport whenever he can.
  3. As a Nebraskan, he is a fan of NU and Creighton, but the North Carolina Tar Heels are his favorite team.
  4. In his spare time Galen coaches basketball, baseball, and football.
  5. Until tearing his ACL a few years ago, Galen played basketball 4-5 days a week recreationally.
  6. In 2013 he ran his first half marathon and made it a goal to run a full marathon before his 50thbirthday.
  7. Galen was born the youngest of six children raised on a farm near Osmond, Nebraska.
  8. He received Marketing and Finance degrees from Wayne State College.
  9. He enjoys reading financial investment publications and all things finance related, as long as it’s not tax related.
  10. Favorite team growing up was Dallas Cowboys; but now appreciates many teams across all sports.
  11. Didn’t know what food was until he married into an Italian family. Now he eats like a king!
  12. He eagerly looks forward to following his children’s academic and sports progress throughout college.


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